Friday, February 27, 2009

About a year ago, Claim Jumper restaurants redecorated. Among their new artwork, I noticed old images from Knott's Berry Farm mixed in with those of real miners. Examples at their Fountain Valley branch included this enlarged 1950s postcard of Roy Bryant at the "Pan for Gold" entrance. (Now the entrance to the Ghostrider rollercoaster.)
In response to yesterday's post about Knott's, the always-helpful Jennifer Blazey writes, "We are not tearing down anything on Main Street. We are just re-habing the peek-ins to restore them to their original form (or as close as we can get it.)" That's good news indeed! Thanks for the correction!
OCThen has a new post this week about Escape Country, a privately owned sports park in what's now Rancho Santa Margarita.


deann mcdaniel said...

wow! from the looks of the photos of before and after, looks like jennifer's definition of "re-hab" is much broader than most of ours. looks like a total demolition to me...

Captain said...

Thanks for posting that link to the Escape Country story. By going there, I was able to find the answer to a 36 year old question.