Friday, February 06, 2009

Balboa, circa 1950

I just noticed a nice set of 21 old images of the Balboa area on eBay. They seem to be from the late 1940s or early 1950s. Normally, I don't plug auctions, but this gives me an excuse to post the images here. (And maybe this post will help the photos find a good home.)
Is it just me, or does that fire seem a little too close to that dark fence?
Notice how the center of the Peninsula is still mostly open space. You almost expect an old P.E. car roll through in the background. This series really gives us a feel for the kind of laid-back beach town Balboa once was.
Can anyone out there help pinpoint the locations in these photos? (Other than the Pavilion.)
The last image shows a goofly little car from "The Davis Brown Company" of Costa Mesa, which provided "television sales and service."


Anonymous said...

What a great set of photos.
Wish I could step into them for a day.
Thanks for sorting through ebay.
Doug McIntosh

CoxPilot said...

Those two tall palm trees at the left of the first photo were located at the Twin Palms apartments. My Aunt & Uncle lived there, and I would stay with them during the summers.