Saturday, February 14, 2009

Huntington Beach Centennial, Feb. 17

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled across this unidentified photo in the Special Collections Dept. at UCI's library. My heart jumped and I knew immediately what I had in my hand. I'd seen the image only once before -- as a tiny, grainy, well-worn, half-toned newspaper cut in the Feb. 19, 1909 issue of the Huntington Beach News. This is the only clear photo I've ever seen of Huntington Beach's first City Council. The men are (from left to right) David O. Stewart, Ed Manning (the first mayor), Matthew E. Helme, C. H. Howard, and Charles W. Warner.
The photo became un-lost at the perfect moment. Tuesday, Feb. 17 will mark the centennial of the incorporation of Huntington Beach. The photo was taken exactly 100 years ago! Consider it a birthday present.
A ceremony to mark the centennial will be held at Pier Plaza (in front of the pier) on Tuesday, starting at 6pm. It will include presentations from the Mayor and City Council, county, state and federal representatives, the City’s Historic Resources Board, and the Chamber of Commerce. The Council will sign a proclamation that will be placed in a time capsule along with other items. The time capsule will be sealed and buried at City Hall towards the end of the Centennial year.
Descendants of Mr. Helme and Mr. Howard still live in town, and I hope they will be at the ceremony. I believe Joe, who owns the homes of both Mr. Manning and Mr. Warner, will also be there. (I hope it doesn't all get rained out!)


Chris Merritt said...

Great photo! Those are some serious mustaches.

Joseph D. Santiago said...


You never cease to amaze me. What a birthday gift indeed. My birthday is only a few days after on the 26th. Perhaps you could see your way to let the HRB borrow the photo to scan a high res version if you haven't already. If you have, can you email it to me? I have never seen a picture of Judge Warner before and I have been looking for some time now. The timing is truly uncanny.

I will be at the ceremony, rain, sleet, snow or dark of night...

Sincerest thanks
Joseph D. Santiago

Chris Jepsen said...

Joe: Honestly, I just shot a photo of the photo with my digital camera. If you want a truly high-resolution version, you'll need to go through the Special Collections Dept. at UCI's library.

I know you've been looking for a photo of Charles Warner, which is what I started out looking for (with you in mind) -- until I hit the jackpot.