Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Photo Potpourri from Doug McIntosh

No time for a fancy post today, so I'm just going to share some really cool photos sent in by Doug McIntosh. The first shows a flooded Westminster in about 1960. Flooding was still a pretty common problem for that town back then.
Here's the tower at Huntington Beach High School in 1937. It was designed by Allison & Allison, who also designed the recently demolished tower at Newport Harbor High School.
And finally, here's Doug himself, in the courtyard of Knott's Berry Farm's antique shop in 1969. The courtyard and statue are still there (behind the Calico Saloon), but the public seldom gets to access that area anymore. I took a photo of it recently and posted it to Flickr.
Thanks for the great photos, Doug!

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