Thursday, April 02, 2009

Disneyland concept map

Today's images show artist Peter Ellenshaw's 1954 concept map of Disneyland. Walt Disney used this illustration to introduce the theme park (under development) to the public on his Disneyland television show. If you look carefully, you'll notice differences between the concept and the final product. The first image (top) shows the art as it appeared in Look magazine. Thanks to Vintage Disneyland Tickets for the source material. (I tried to cobble the two-page spread together in Paint Shop Pro, but in some places I had to just leave a white stripe.) [Update: I've corrected the attribution on this image, and also posted a higher resolution version.]
The photo below comes from the always enjoyable Daveland website, and shows Ellenshaw actually creating the map.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sweet! I didn't know there were differences between the two version, now I have to study them all weekend. Hey, I posted that Look magazine on my blog on Monday (link).

ItsNotAPlace said...

Either a replica or the original of that painting is (or was?) in one of the lobbies of the Disneyland Hotel near all their historical photos that were on display there. Anyone know if it is still there? I love maps of all kinds, can spend hours scanning the details!

Chris Jepsen said...

VDT: I meant there were differences between the map and the park as it was finally built. BTW, I wonder if Richard got the Look magazine image from your blog before giving it to me.

Glenn: I believe that was the original hanging in the DL Hotel lobby.

Chris Jepsen said...

VDT: You were right. The image came from your site. I've corrected the attribution and was able to create a better version of the map from your original scan. Sorry about the mix up.

Rebel Girl said...

completely off-topic but here goes:

Mr. Jepson, do you know what the oldest elementary school in Orange County is?

Just wondering...I'm working to save Silverado Elementary which dates from 1903...(at two different sites, yes).