Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Space Age Orange and Viewliner Ltd.

Today I'm posting photos of two Space Age wonders from the Orange Public Library's history collection. The first image (top) shows the Cinedome movie theater under construction in 1969. The second image shows the Luer Meat Rocket (no jokes please), in Orange's 1956 May Festival Parade. (The Soviets had rockets in their May Day parades too, but that was kinda different.)
Charles Phoenix writes, "Luer was a meat-packing house that started in downtown Los Angeles in 1885. The 1950s era rocket ship was to them what the weenie mobile is to Oscar Meyer. It made countless appearances in local parades, super market grand openings and other civic events promoting their "quality meat" products. You could actually go inside of it... Surprisingly, fifty years later, this rocket still exists. Last I heard it’s old and weathered and sitting in a yard in Prescott, Arizona."
One of my regular reads, the Viewliner Ltd. blog, has had some especially interesting posts lately, including historical glimpses of the Pacific Electric Railway, Knott's Berry Farm, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Disneyland, and more Disneyland.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Chris, I first saw the Luer rocket ship at Lions Park in Costa Mesa. I use to go to the Boys Club there. Probably around 1959. What a great pic. Brings back a lot of cool memories. Thanks for all the links to my posts. Appreciated very much, Richard.

CoxPilot said...

I believe that this rocket (or at least the design) was originally from the TV show "Space Patrol".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Space Age post.
My "first date" (late 1970s, junior high),I took a girl to see a movie at the Cinedome. That was THE PLACE to see a movie. First attempt at holding hands not sure what the movie was.

In high school I worked at the Space Age Inn on Katella Ave, next to the Sunshine Broiler....The Space Age Inn was a bit dated in the mid 80s...Lots of satellite and rock decor with sparkles. Wish I would have taken photos.
Your post reminded me of the date with Shauna and working at the Space Age Inn.