Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Fwy, citrus labels, Dreger Clock, slides, etc.

This late 1950s Kodachrome image shows the 5 Freeway at First St. in Santa Ana. It certainly looks different today!
I wondered how SoCal pop-culture maven Charles Phoenix would react to the news about Kodachrome's passing. He posted a piece about it today on his website, which begins, "Kodachrome slides changed my life." Indeed, he makes his living doing slide shows and creating books based on his amazing slide collection. (Click here to read his comments.)
The Citrus Label Society's next meeting will be held Aug. 17th, 7pm, at the Orange Public Library & History Center. Reader Daralee writes, "It's an informal event in which you walk in and see the [vintage citrus crate] labels on sale at each of the various tables... Anyone who is not a member is welcomed to attend and purchase these labels."
Those of you following the saga of the "Dreger Clock" (which once stood at Knott's Berry Farm) should check out the recent news updates on Glenn Frank's website. Restoration of the clock is nearing completion and it should be unveiled at its new home, near the Whitaker/Jaynes House Museum in Buena Park, in late July or early August.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Very nice pic. Remember it well. said...
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Wow! that is the 5 freeway and first street? Look... Green grass!

Great photo.

Thanks for the mention on the Dreger Clock, Chris. We poured foundation and embedded the new stand / post upon which the clock will be placed. That went in near the Whitaker/Jaynes house yesterday. I will add photos of that and the reassembly work later next week.

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;-) said...

Funny thing about that photo of the freeway that my wife noticed... did everyone drive in the rightmost lane on the freeways back then? Note all the oil marks on the outside lanes but not so much on the inside "fast" lane.

CoxPilot said...

To Dreger: Back then it was considered a passing lane. People drove slower then too. No seat belts or air bags, and most cars were 2 or 3 tons of hard iron. Some even used the grass area as a turn-around.