Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Depression, Knott's, Olive, Nixon & NARA

The Register is running a series on the Great Depression in Orange County, including a handful of videos, on their website. (Kudos to Eugene Garcia for his nod to John Hodgeman in the first video.) The photo above shows "map colorists" in Fullerton, hired by FDR's Works Progress Administration to hand-color historical maps of Orange County. Some of you may remember that I was coveting these maps as recently as last year.
For the whole series of articles, videos, photos, and other related information about the 1930s in Orange County, see the Register's Great Depression page.
Speaking of the Great Depression, Knott's Berry Farm is selling some great t-shirts that read, "Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant: Serving quality chicken from one depression to the next."
And speaking of the CDR's 75th, (sorry about all the cheesy segues,) I couldn't resist adding one more photo from yesterday's festivities,... The image below shows Tony Baxter, head of Disneyland's Imagineering, meeting Marion Knott, who was instrumental in shaping Knott's Berry Farm throughout the late 20th Century. I love her look of surprise.
Olive historian Daralee Ota has added a new segment to her website featuring the history of Mission Clay Products Co. and the Padre Tile Co. Link on over to learn more about the old brick yard.
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum invites the public to enjoy cake, punch, a presentation, and special tours of its archival and museum holdings as the Library celebrates the 75th anniversary of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The event will take place 2:30-4 pm, Thurs., June 18. It's free, but reservations are recommended.

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Sorry that I haven't commenting lately Chris. just wanted to let you know I truly enjoyed all the Knotts Berry Farm posts. Very informative and fun. Richard