Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strange drawings at the Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse Museum in Santa Ana has a small but very interesting new exhibit on the 1st floor. They're now displaying about six of architect Charles L. Strange's original 1900 drawings of the Courthouse building itself. The drawings are loaded with detail. For us architecture geeks, it's fun to look for ways the building changed between the planning stage and completion.
These drawings were borrowed from the County by the L.A. architectural firm of Parkinson and Parkinson in the 1920s, when they were approached to design a proposed (but never realized) expansion and remodeling of the courthouse. A former historical commissioner tells me that Parkinson didn't get around to returning the plans until 1992, but then asked to be recognized for their contribution. (Using the same logic, perhaps my neighbor will give me a plaque if I finally return the weed-whacker I borrowed from him twenty years ago.)
While you're at the Old Courthouse, you might also want to check out their new photographic exhibit of the route of Lewis and Clark. And of course, stop by the County Archives and say hello to me too.
A late happy birthday to Cynthia Ward and an early happy birthday to Phil Brigandi. See you both tomorrow at Disneyland!


Chris Merritt said...

Awesome drawings! And Happy Birthday to Phil - make sure you take him through the castle!

Chris Jepsen said...

Oh, we did! Again -- Beautiful work.

We also "plaqued" Phil since he now meets the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting info about the Old Courthouse, Chris! We appreciate it. Happy belated 50th to Phil! Best regards, Carey Baughman

Anonymous said...

Charles L. ("L" stands for Lincoln) Strange was my great-grandfather. He moved to Mexico in the 1930s, where my father was born. It's special for me to see his drawings.

--Deborah Lincoln-Strange