Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Irvine Park Boathouse

Today I'm posting "today and yesterday" photos of the old boathouse and pond at Irvine Park. The Irvines gave the park to the County in 1897, but the boathouse was not built until 1914. The black and white photo above shows the boathouse when it was fairly new. It is now the oldest structure in the park.
The original redwood boats were retired in 1985. Historian Jim Sleeper refers to the aquacycles that replaced them as "plastic abominations." (For a great history of the park, find yourself a copy of Sleeper's Bears to Briquets: A centennial keepsake : Irvine Park, 1897-1997.
Speaking of Irvine Park, today is the 108th anniversary of the opening of the park's old dance pavilion.
Notice that the older of today's photos is marked "Orange County Park." It was renamed "Irvine Park" in 1928.

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