Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking back at Sunday's Knott's event

A lot has been posted to the web since our "Knott's Preserved" event on Sunday, so I thought I'd provide some links...
First of all, authors Chris Merritt and Eric Lynxwiler were interviewed on Airtalk with Larry Mantle the other day on KPCC. The interview is available online as a download.
Dave DeCaro ran a recap of Sunday's events on Daveland. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.
Tim at Vintage Disneyland Tickets also blogged about the event and also shared an outstanding 1953 article from Desert Magazine about Walter Knott's efforts to rebuild the old mining town of Calico.
The O.C. Register did short pieces about the new Knott's book and Sunday's panel discussion. I know they shot a bunch of video too, but (to my knowledge) that hasn't shown up online yet.
Even MiceChat left their usual Anaheim stomping grounds to give us a photo essay about Sunday's proceedings. (Thanks to our old pals Fishbulb and DustySage.)
On Flickr, there have been some great photos of the event posted by Eyduck, Keith, Eric, Season Pass, and Dave Cobb. I also added a number of videos of the tours, shot by Katie Schroeder, to my own Flickr account. And one of my favorite Flickristas, Mini Jen, referred to Sunday as, "a who's-who of creative, retro peeps." It truly was, and I was so glad to be among them!
Another large batch of photos was posted to TwitPic by "knottsbrryfarm."
Blogger Giddy Girlie also gave us an account with photos of the event. (Note to GG: Thanks for your amazing compliment in the post that followed. I'm still blushing.)
And on a related note, Ken had a great article on Outside The Berm about the fate of Knott's Little Chapel By The Lake.
Today's first two photos were from Sunday's "Knott's Preserved" history events. The last photo, immediately above, shows Knott's retail/dining facilities in the 1930s.
One last time: Huge thanks to Chris Merritt, Eric Lynxwiler, Phil Brigandi, Jennifer Blazey and the folks at Knott's Berry Farm for working your butts off and making this great event possible. It was an honor to be included. My thanks also to Werner Weiss and Allen Palovik, who volunteered to jump in and help with the tours if needed.


Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for the links to all of the photos... Tim of "Vintage Disneyland Tickets" sent me a link to one that you shot... of me! You must have held the camera up, pointing behind you. Sneaky!

Yep, that sure was a fun day for sure.

Kate Danley said...

It was such an amazing day! Giddy and I have been talking about it all week. Tours and panels and incredible people... Truly a once in a lifetime experience. I feel so lucky that I got to bere witness!


Kevin Kidney said...

It was a fantastic day, for sure. Jody and I have talked Knott's non-stop this week. So much so, in fact, that we were motivated to return there this morning to buy a dozen hot biscuits "to go" from Mrs. Knott's (only $3.50 and that includes boysenberry jam!)
You can't beat it.

Chris Jepsen said...

Glad you all had as much fun as I did!

However, I think I might be able to one-up your biscuits, Kevin,...

Two words: Boysenberry pie.

And yes, Major, that's exactly what I did. Sneaky photographer that I am.