Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back in the saddle again...

Sorry about the long lull on this blog. I've been on vacation, visiting the Central California coast, including beautiful spots like Montana de Oro State Park (shown above).
On this day, Sept. 9th, in 1850, California officially became the 31st state. Happy Birthday, California!
Hope to see you all at tonight's Orange County Historical Society meeting.


Anonymous said...

Montana de Oro and Morro Bay are such pristine gems (except the nuclear reactor at the end of the park!). It really is a mountain of gold in the spring when the flowers bloom. Nice beaches, hot in the sun and cool on the many valley trails. There are a handful of environmental camp sites that have spectacular views-- if you can possibly get a reservation and are good at fending off large tribes of raccoons at night!

Morro Bay is still the feisty old style California coast style I remember as a kid. Morro Bay reminds me of Pynchon's "Inherent Vice" and his descriptions of Manhattan Beach, back when he was busy writing "Gravity's Rainbow" and lived there.

- An HB kid in exile on the east coast.

doug mac said...

Chris, Glad you are back.
Thought perhaps you gave up on posting.
Hope you got some rest, took in some great Central Coast sites and cuisine.
Thanks for your efforts.

Connie Moreno said...

gooooooorrrrrrgeous photo! Have fun.

Dave said...

Montana de Oro!Boy,that brings back memories,camped there MANY times as a kid with the folks.One of their favorite spots (mine too).