Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Huntington Beach grab-bag

I've been scouring some old CDs of photos, looking for a few specific things and finding (instead) a lot of other things I'd forgotten about entirely. Among those forgotten things are various images I snagged from eBay auctions many years ago. Here are a few of those images from Huntington Beach, starting with an old travel agency poster. Dig that longboard, man! 
 Above is the cover of a Chamber of Commerce brochure from the 1940s. I've seen the water at H.B. when it was a similar shade of red. I believe that's caused by the annual bloom of a form of algae.

Below is an advertising card for Eader's Home Bakery -- long a staple on Main Street. In addition to baked goods, the Eader family were also very involved in local civic affairs. Although their bakery is long gone, their name lives on at Eader Elementary School
 The next image is a poster for the Huntington Beach Speedway, which was also known as the Talbert Race Track, after its owner, Tom Talbert. It was a small arena just southwest of the intersection of Atlanta Ave. and Beach Blvd. It was a challenging loop for full-sized vehicles, which could easily spin out of control on the tight, barely-banked turns. Perhaps that's why Midget Auto Racing was so popular. (The cars were "midget," not necessarily the drivers.)
Speaking of Huntington Beach, the power went out to a good portion of the city for a few hours tonight, including my neighborhood. Consequently, I didn't have time to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for my talk to the Bowers Bells docent group at Bowers Museum tomorrow. As such, I'll present "A Complete History of Orange County" with finger puppets tomorrow. Sadly, I only have five finger puppets. And two of them are Big Bird. Tigger will be playing the parts of Cabrillo, James Irvine II, and County Treasurer Robert Citron.


Anonymous said...

'History of Orange County' with finger puppets sounds like a great presentation. Wish I could be there, if only to see what the other two puppets are.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post; thanks for sharing these great images and snippets from HB's past! And good luck with your presentation; what a creative idea! Have fun with it; may all go well at your performance! - Daralee

Kai Weisser said...

Nice HB images and Eader advertisement. Back in the day the school mascot for primary school Eader were the Beavers. That name lasted for decades until discovered potentially offensive.

Christopher Schafer said...

I found an old speedway poster like the one above,is it worth anything?