Friday, December 07, 2012

Last-minute lima bean alert!

There's a rare opportunity to tour the historic Segerstrom Ranch tomorrow morning, Saturday, Dec. 8th 9am-Noon. Sorry about the short notice, but I just heard about this a few minutes ago, via the Costa Mesa Historical Society.

"Interested members of the public are requested to call (714) 546-0110 to RSVP during normal business hours. Please note that tours will not be provided. This historic site is located adjacent to 3315 Fairview Road (between South Coast Drive and the I-405 Freeway). Cost: Free. Location: 3315 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa."

I don't know how tightly they'll be adhering to the RSVP rule. If they do, then you're probably outta luck already. But it might be worth a shot. I just wish they'd promoted this a bit earlier.

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