Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fires in Santa Ana

The fire that wiped out Santa Ana Lanes.
In case you weren't convinced by my last post that the Santa Ana Fire Museum has some cool stuff, here are a few photos from their displays. Consider this the "sampler platter."
A fire near the historic Yost Theatre in E. Main Street, Santa Ana.
I think the photo above was taken from the fire escape of the old First National Bank building at 4th St. and Main.
Parade of emergency vehicles heading down Main Street at Santa Ana Blvd.
Some of these photos are interesting not only for the events they show, but also for what appears in the backgrounds. Note the old hotel in the photo above, for instance, which stood where the Presbyterian Church's parking lot is today.
Bad things happening at the Thrifty Drug shopping center.
If you know more about the stories behind any of these photos, please post in the "Comments" section, below.
S.A.F.D. Training Center & Engine Co No. 4 (Burrows & Allen Architects)
Okay,... That's enough Fire Museum posts for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when the Cox model car factory burned down back in the 60s. The fire department showed up and started pouring water on the fire, then huge fireballs shot into the air because magnesium was burning. Never pour water on burning magnesium!!!