Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Lost paintings of Orange County adobes

"The Yorba Adobe" by Anne Robinson (Photo by Don Dobmeier)
Help find two missing paintings! 

Laguna Beach artist Anne Robinson (Olivera) painted painted scenes of two historically important Orange County adobes: The home of Bernardo Yorba in Santa Ana Canyon, and the Trabuco Adobe (an estancia of Mission San Juan Capistrano) near today’s Rancho Santa Margarita. The painting of Yorba's home was done sometime before 1933. The painting of the Trabuco Adobe was done around 1926, when Robinson presented a paper about the history of Trabuco Mesa to the Orange County Historical Society.
"Truabuco Canyon" by Anne Robinson (Photo by Don Dobmier)
These two photos were taken by Don Dobmeier in 1977, so we know the paintings still existed then. 

We do know a handful of places where the paintings are NOT currently located: Bowers Museum, CSUF Special Collections, the Orange County Historical Society, and the Orange County Archives. 

Here's what the folks at AskArt.com have to say about the artist: 
"Born on a ranch in the Santa Ana Mountains near Trabuco, California on April 3, 1893, Anne married Joe Olivera early in life but kept her maiden name on her artworks. By 1918 she had settled in Laguna Beach and had become active in the local art scene. She soon built a house there at 565 Monterey Drive where she lived for the rest of her life. She and Anna Hills often made painting excursions on horseback into the Santa Ana Mountains and nearby deserts. Working en plein air, she painted small oils on wood with a palette knife prior to 1953, after which poor vision prevented her from continuing. 
Her signature was usually in brown paint in block letters 'AR' or 'A. Robinson.' The artist died in Laguna on Dec. 26, 1977." 
Please drop me a line if you know the whereabouts of these two paintings.

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