Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday odds and ends

One last image from Don Ballard's collection: The shops at the Disneyland Hotel, sometime around late 1956 (my best guess). The shops shown include Magic Land (toys and souvenirs), The Pirates' Den, Latin Imports and a women's accessories store. Note the "web lighteners" punched in the decorative I-beams -- a hallmark of space age architecture.

Did you know you can get tax breaks for the historical restoration and preservation of your home? I've added a link to the State's website on the Mills Act, where you can find out more about it.

I'm also adding a link to my own site, Space Age City, which is dedicated mainly to Googie architecture, with a special emphasis on Orange County and Southern California. The site is way overdue for an overhaul. I've learned a lot more about both Googie and web design since it was created, but some folks still enjoy it.

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