Saturday, August 25, 2007

O.C. tourism in the 1940s

Here's another image from Don Ballard's collection. This came from a 1940s brochure promoting tourism in Anaheim. This is what I was able to capture with my camera, but I'm hoping to scan it in high-res when Don comes out to SoCal again this Fall. As always, click on the image to enlarge. There are lots of cool details in this one. Note references to little-remembered places like the Anaheim Airport and San Juan Hot Springs.

The Fullerton-Host Lion's Club is holding a Casino Night & Texas Hold'Em Tournament on Sept. 7th. Half the proceeds will go to support the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation (a.k.a. the restoration of the Fox Theatre.) More information is available online.

A great image of Tomorrowland the late 1960s was posted to Daveland yesterday. Notice how the Rocketjets don't block traffic flow, and how and both the Peoplemover and Skyway still work.

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