Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Basler-Twist Home, Phyllis Mueller & Garden Grove

The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society has updated their website with some suggested steps you can take to help save the historic Twist-Basler Home. Developer Mike Harrah, (who plans to build a 37-story tower on the site,) and the City were supposed to move the historic structure to a new site provided by the City. The house was cut in half seven months ago, in prepraration for the move, but it hasn’t actually gone anywhere. Instead, the plastic covers have been removed from the various pieces of the building, exposing the interior to weather, vermin, and Lord knows what else. This will make restoration of the original materials difficult and expensive, if not impossible. Click on over to SAHPS and see how a few well-placed emails might help.

Phyllis Mueller will retire from the City of Anaheim's Historic Preservation Office on Sept. 1st. As Neighborhood Development Coordinator, Phyllis has been a vitally important part of Anaheim's preservation success story. Everyone who cares about Anaheim’s heritage owes her a major "thank you" and a hug. Residents of Anaheim's historic homes are planning a big party they're calling "Muellerpalooza," in her honor. [The photo of Phyllis (right) is a detail from a shot by Chris Barros from last year's Anaheim Colony 4th of July shin-dig. Those people know how to throw a block party!]

The Garden Grove Historical Society’s annual picnic will be held Sept. 8, 11am-3pm, presumably at their HQ: 12174 Euclid Ave. This year’s theme is the 1950s, so feel free to break out those skinny ties and poodle skirts. Cost is $10 per person. For information or to RSVP, call Brenda or Eva at (714) 530-8871. Please make your reservations by Friday.

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