Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tongva Tribe

I've had a link the the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians on this site for a while now, but nothing for the Gabrielino (Tongva) Tribe. I wanted to correct this, but it seems that (in a classic case of modern tribal politics), nobody can agree on which website is official. Here are three to choose from:

I guess once they figure out who the real Tongva leadership is, I'll add a more permanant link to the more permanant website.

On Sept.. 30, 2007, from 11 am to 4 pm, a Tongva group will sponsor a free Native American arts and crafts festival, "The Gathering at Kuruvungna Springs." The springs site (and event) is located on the grounds of University High School 1439 S. Barrington Avenue, West Los Angeles. The event will include traditional music, dancing and foods, traditional children's games and crafts, Indian tortilla making, and basketweaving and weaving demonstrations. There will also be tours of the Kuruvungna Village site and springs, and a cultural display of Tongva history and artifacts.

Today's photo (above right) shows a reproduction of a kich (home) as used by the local Indians.


Komiikravit said...

Historically there was never one Tongva tribe. We have always been family communities or communities allied together by kinship, trade and ceremonial alliances. Even the name Tongva is a new name that descendants of the indigenous people of the Los angeles basin use today. There is no group, family or community today that is THE tribe!

Chris Jepsen said...

I won't pretend to be an expert on local indigenous peoples. Although I have read a fair bit and spoken with a number of experts, there is much that I still find confusing. And clearly, the Indian people themselves have trouble agreeing on much even among themselves these days.

But I know you're right about this. The lumping together of communities into "tribes" by geography or language is a system the Missions imposed.

Of course, those who want Federal tribal recognition today have a vested interest in keeping that system (if not the Missions' assigned names) intact.

Dan Hitt said...

I live in Costa Mesa and walk on the bluff area of Fairview Park that overlooks the Santa Ana River. The city has posted a sign that refers to the Tongva people that lived on the bluff area 1,000 years ago. I wonder if anyone has more information about the Tongva people that lived in this area?

Chris Jepsen said...

The village at Fairview Park was called Lukup.

Anonymous said...

You left out the true tribe which is the Kizh Gabrieleno tribe. Tongva does not exist. Ask for geneology to find the real native line. None o the Tongva can produce native blood.
Check out the website:

Anonymous said...

Kizh is a corruption of the Spanish name Cristianos = Kisianos

el zorro said...

No Kichereno is a corruption of the native word Kizh by the Spanish.

Andy said...

That is wrong Mr Torrez .
You of all people should know the truth . It was your friend Cindi Alvitre and the Dorames who abused our tribe and who created splinter groups of Non - Gabrieleno Indians . Tell it like it is .

Andy said...

It all started when they used our tribe and my father in order to save the springs at University High in Santa Monica . My father Ernie Salas was the one person who received that symbolic key to the springs for his effort in saving it from distruction ( development)

Andy said...

Some few years later after (1992) Cindi Alvitre infiltrating the term " Tongva " on our Nation - tribe she made this statement in 2008

The name Tongva is what we've chosen to use in the present," which means "people of the Earth," Alvitre said in her office one day, early last fall semester. "There was no one tribe called 'Tongva.'"

The name Tongva has become increasingly preferred as a self-designation since the 1990s,[citation needed] although either "Gabrieleño" or "Gabrielino" is part of every official name.[19] The Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribal Council of San Gabriel on their website say that Tongva means "people of the earth."[20]

Cindi Alvitre was the one person who chose this term Tongva not the true descendants . She was able to push the name and change academics only because she was a Long Beach state professor .

Andy said...


Andy said...

The tribes you see on the Wikipedia website
Are all made up of Non- Gabrieleno natives .

In the 1990s These individuals utilized the true tribe who still exist today the Kizh (Keech) Nation Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians . These so called Tongvas used the true tribe in order to save a sacred site in Santa Monica then after using us the booted us

Andy said...


Andy said...

There is No deifinition for the made up term Tongva .
There was No tribe called Tongva .

The term Tongva was misinterpreted when historian C. Hart Merriam recorded Mrs Rosmerye Narcissa Higuera at Bakersfield . He had been recording Native American Indians at the time (1903) and which at the time he had interest in the Gabrieleños. While recording Mrs. Higuera he had asked her a couple a questions . He asked her from what area and village she descended from. Mrs Higuera gave C. Hart Merriam the name of her village which was st San Gabriel and is where the San Gabriel Mission today which was formally known as " Toviscangna ". But because C.Hart Merriam could not pronounce it he abbreviated the name Tongva - Tonvey. In 1992 Cindi Alvitre utilized this word and taught it through her academics class at Cal State Long Beach . This term has now spread like cancer killing our true history .

Andy said...

Hugo Reid's Notes:

In order to make the content of Reid's letters a little more meaningful I have added some end notes (indicated in the text by super numbers) which the reader may find of interest. Reid uses a large number of words in the Gabrielino language, and these are frequently compared in the notes to the version of Gabrielino which was recorded by C. Hart Merriam from a Gabrielino woman, Mrs. J. V. Rosemyre, at Bakersfield, California, in October, 1903. . Mrs. Rosemyre was born at San Gabriel, probably just about the time of Hugo Reid's death. Her mother was a Gabrielino and her father
a Serrano. Merriam's method of phonetic recording is now considered quite inadequate, but its use of diacritical marks follows that in Webster's dictionary and one can at least reconstruct the approximate original of what the words sounded like to him.

Andy said...

Read my last post it's truthful . Its all about truth

Andy said...

Go to this link then go to page 96
Here you will see Fr. Serra Book of confirmation 1778. It's in Spanish however look where it says San Gabriel de Los temblores ( San Gabriel of the Earthquake ) , right next to it it will give you the name of what the area or village was formally known as " toviscanga " . This is the village name C. Hart Merriam misenterpred in 1903.

Hope this help all of you know the truth for more info contact me any time .

Andy said...

By the way " We are still here"

We are the direct Gabrieleño who later lived with B.I. Agent B.D Wilson Patton family in San Marino . Nephew , nieces and God children of " The Victoria " Bartolomea" Reid spouse of Hugo Reid .

Andy said...

These 3 groups you have listed here are all Non-Indian splinter groups ( No Gabrieleno blood) utilizing our Name for profit. I have every geneogical professional documentation on all of them. I had to do this to weed them out !!! I'm glad to share anything you need. Thank you

Gabrielino/Tongva Tribe
Gabrielino/Tongva Tribal Council
Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribal Council of San Gabriel

Andy said...

There is No info on the Tongva living in Costa Mesa only because there was No such tribe. However there is proof of the Kizh ( Keech) people

Anonymous said...

tongueva IMPOSTORS!!!