Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cypress, Brea, Anaheim, and Capistrano adobes

Today's photo shows beautiful downtown Cypress in about 1925. Although the Cypress School District was formed in 1895, the city first incorporated in 1956 under the name "Dairy City." The city's name was officially changed to Cypress the following year.
Today marks the 91st anniversary of the incorporation of Brea. At the time, in 1917, the town only had 732 residents.
Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the 151st anniversary of the formation of the Los Angeles Vinyard Society in San Francisco. This group of German immigrants would soon found a new vinyard colony in Southern California, and would name it Anaheim.
Sam U'Ren will present a slide show about the preservation of the adobe buildings of Mission San Juan Capistrano at noon on Tuesday. The show will be included with the regular admission at the mission.


Ed said...

Where is/was "beautiful downtown Cypress"?
Do any of the buildings in the photos still stand?

Chris Jepsen said...

It would be near the intersection of Walker and Lincoln. I would be surprised if any of those buildings are still standing.