Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Disneyland, Huntington Beach & Garden Grove

Yes, I know I'm using way too many of these photos from Mike, but they're too cool to pass up. Anyway, I promise I'll run out eventually. Today's images again show Tomorrowland at Disneyland, circa 1968-1970. I'm leaving the first image (top) extra-large so you can peer deep into the photo and see all the details. (As always, click to embigulate.) The major thing that jumps out at me is the gray monorail. I wasn't aware of a "Monorail Gray," so this was sort of a surprise. Or maybe that's a faded "avocado green." It *was* the late '60s, after all.
Also notice the blue Richfield eagle over Autopia, the original Tomorrowland Terrace stage (lower left), and it's a small world in the distance.
The second photo shows the Rocket Jets, which were much more fun when they were several stories higher.
The old Mandic Motors complex on Main St in Huntington Beach was torn down yesterday. This circa 1925 Western falsefront had been the home of the Mandic family business since 1939. I'm sure it will be replaced by something colorful and exciting, like a beige stucco box with a frozen yogurt shop inside.
Speaking of Huntington Beach, the H.B. Women's Club is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week!
On the evening of March 4, the Garden Grove Historical Society's general meeting will feature architect and author Richard H. Dodd and his presentation on "Historic & Unique Orange County Buildings." For more information, call (714) 530-8871.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the "avocado green" monorail. I think the overcast sky is making it look gray. There is a posctcard with the green monorail and it actually looks black. An odd green color selection considering the colors of the other monorails at the time.

ItsNotAPlace said...

I think that is right... I think that is a faded avocado green. I kind of recall that from when I was a kid that the Green monorail was not always BRIGHT green.

I agree... the Rocket Jet Ride was much more fun when it was way up there in the air.

outsidetheberm said...

Do you happen to have a photo of the old Mandic Motors complex?

walterworld said...

The first picture would make an excellent candidate for a ‘then-and-now’:

1) Taken from the top floor of the Carousel of Progress (still accessible.)

2) All major landmarks still in place (Monorail, Matterhorn, Small World, Tomorrowland Stage, Monorail beam, PeopleMover track.)

3) 38 year time-lapse.

Easy pickings!

Maybe I’ll target this next time I’m at the park in June.

Chris, maybe you’ll be there sooner? ;)

As to the second pic…does anyone else have the memory of all the little Goodyear/Tomorrowland signs spinning or otherwise in motion?

I know for sure that the Peoplemover sign pictured there used to spin. I really thought Tomorrowland was the deal as a little kid in 1973-4-5-6.

One of the cool things about the 50s-60s-70s: All the spinning/moving signage…Today’s advertisements lack the kinetic energy that was once considered appealing.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the study on Mandic Motors bldg? Not one of mine, curious to see how it was justified. So sad. HB keeps losing them.

Chris Jepsen said...

ColonyRabble: No, I haven't seen the study for the Mandic building. What do you mean "justification?" Don't you know that old is always bad and new is always good?

Anonymous & ItsNotAPlace: Thanks for clearing that up. If there was a Monorail Avocado, it seems like there should also have been a Monorail Burnt Orange, and a Monorail Harvest Gold, and all those other ugly 1968-ish colors.

OutsideTheBerm: As you wish. Please see my 2-9-08 post.

WalterWorld: You're right, of course... That would be a great before-and-after shot. But that would mean I'd have to walk through Innoventions again.