Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mandic Motors, Irvine, Costa Mesa & Capistrano

In answer to OutsideTheBerm's request, today I've posted several photos of the recently demolished Mandic Motors building in Huntington Beach. The exterior photo (top) was taken a few years ago. The photo of the office area was taken last year, after the Mandics had moved out. The third photo (at the end of this post) was also taken through the front window and shows an old campaign sign for Bob Mandic.
There was a fascinating and well-illustrated article in yesterday's Register detailing the new Katie Wheeler Branch of the O.C. Public Library. Although it's only a reproduction of a historic building, it's quite impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
There is curently an opening on the City of Costa Mesa's Historical Preservation Committee. If you live in Costa Mesa, care about local history, and would like to apply, call (714) 754-5327.
The Mission San Juan Capistrano Woman's Guild, which raises money for mission preservation, will hold its annual membership luncheon at the Solidier's Barracks (at the mission) on Feb 17, 11:30am. $16 per person. For information, call (949) 493-3634.


Colony Rabble said...

Thanks for the Mandic photos! The Katie Wheeler is an EXACT reproduction, 30th Street did a fabulous job of reconstructing it from photos and documents! I cannot wait for the grand opening party. See you there?

outsidetheberm said...

Thanks for the photos, Chris. Now I remember it. What a distinctive building. Great shots.

itsnotaplace said...

That multi-media floorplan they have on the OC register site of the Katie Wheeler Branch is great. My family is planning to go see the library at the grand opening.