Friday, February 01, 2008

Phil Brigandi changes hats

After a 5-year stint, Thursday was Phil Brigandi's last day as Archivist at the Orange County Archives. He'll still work with us as a consultant, and you can schedule appointments with him if you'd like his help. But Phil will mainly return to being a full-time local historian: researching, writing books, lecturing, etc.
Phil is understandably enthusiastic about what lies ahead. I, however (for selfish reasons) am very sorry to see him go. These past four and a half years of working side-by-side with him have been an invaluable education, an honor, and a great deal of fun. More than just the best boss I ever had, Phil has been a great mentor and friend. We'll still see each other around, but I'll miss our day-to-day interaction.
So good luck, Phil. I can't thank you enough. And we'll all be looking for your new books on Orange, Scouting, and who-knows-what-else in the coming months and years.
Today's photos show Phil and County Historical Commissioner Don Dobmeier, looking over some old postcards (top); and Phil with "Connie the Courthouse Cow" (inset) at the Old Orange County Courthouse.


Chris Merritt said...

Phil is the consummate historian - and has been a huge help to me (as has Chris) on my book - thank you again for all the hard work! Can't wait to read new books by Phil now!

itsnotaplace said...

Wow, well we all wish Phil good wishes on his future books.

Any news as to if or who will be taking his place in the office?

John said...

Phil is a wonderful writer, historian and consummate giver. His work with the Ramona Bowl, Peglegs Liar Contest as well as other community activities set him apart. I met Phil a few back and he has always been honest and very helpful. Good luck to him on his new/old adventure.

John said...
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