Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stanton, Mendez v Westminster, etc.

Today's photo shows downtown Stanton in 1913. Stanton became a city twice. The first time was in 1911, when area residents banded together to keep out a proposed sewage facility for Anaheim. Stanton remained a city until 1924, when residents voted to disincorporate to allow the State to build much-needed roads. However, in the years following World War II, the population rose dramatically, leading the City of Stanton to re-incorporate in 1956.
Assembly Bill 531 (AB531) passed the Assembly last month and will now move to the State Senate. If approved, this legislation would require that all California schools teach their students about the Mendez v. Westminster desegregation case of 1947. Read more about the bill's history and current status online.
I had a great time at the Vintage Postcard & Paper Fair in Glendale today. I ended up buying a big bunch of postcards -- many of which will undoubtedly show up on this blog in the future.


itsnotaplace said...

that is cool that they are trying to get "Mendez v. Westminster" into the local history curriculum. I only first learned about this through watching a PBS special that ran on KOCE last year!

(yes, I am a product of the OC public schools in the 70s and didn't learn much about my own county history beyond the native American Tribes, Spanish Missions, Ranchos and ... well.. that was probably all they taught us about local history)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Californian students SHOULD be taught about the Mendez case. But there are MANY important facets of Calif history which are not generally taught in our schools. Why create a law that focuses only on this single story?

And in a larger sense, should we allow legisaltors to decide, individual fact by individiual fact, what must be taught? Should we let elected officials micro-manage our teachers?