Friday, December 04, 2009

In Walter Knott's Footsteps: Calico (2)

Here are some more before-and-after shots of Calico. The images above show the same view in about 1960 and today. In the second image, Phil Brigandi stands in for Walter Knott. It appears there's no longer a post to lean on.
The next two images show the Calico House Restaurant in 1958 and 2009. This is the big restaurant in town. Our time in town was limited, so we opted for hotdogs instead of going here.
The last two images, below, show the entrance/commisary for the Maggie Mine in the early 1950s and today. In the 1950s image, "Calico Fred" is the only person in sight. The current image includes a lot more people, including Phil, Katie, and a prospector made out of concrete by sculptor Claude Bell.


Chris Merritt said...

Great work - as always! Pretty funny to see Phil standing in for W.K.! I'm guessing that the building that once had the post was one of the ones that burned?

Chris Jepsen said...

I don't think so, Chris. Wrong side of town. The stuff that burned is nearer the mountains. I wish I'd seen the site before the fire so I could have compared/contrasted. To a Calico newbie like me, it was all pretty seamless.