Sunday, December 06, 2009

In Walter Knott's Footsteps: Calico (3)

Today's before-and-after shots should round out the Calico portion of our tour, although I think there's probably still one more installment in the Knott's Footsteps series. The images above show Main Street in Calico as it appeared during its real ghost town years and as it appears today. The two images that follow show Lane's General Merchandise, which is one of only a few original buildings left in town. It's built of rammed earth.
The following before-and-after shots are a bit more confusing. They depict the old Calico schoolhouse in the 1890s and comparison shots today. However, the building that stands today is a scaled-down replica of the original, built by the Knotts in the 1950s. The replica building is significantly smaller. Still, it captures the spirit of the old building and is located on the same spot.
I apologize for the white stripes on the 1890s exterior shot. They were painted on the print I scanned, and I was able to Photoshop out only parts of them.
If you'd like to see more photos from our Mojave/Calico trek, visit my "Mojave" photo set on Flickr. The set includes images of the Mystery Shack (like the late Haunted Shack at Knott's Berry Farm), the Maggie Mine, Boot Hill, and other points of interest in Calico. It also includes more views of the Knott homestead, the historic Cajon Pass, and the bustling metropolis of Yermo.


Chris Merritt said...

What a wonderful series this is - thanks again Chris.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I would like to thank you also. I find these "then and now" photo's so wonderful to see the comparison.

Douglas McIntosh said...

What a pleasure to look over these photos. The Calico Mountains region holds a special place in my life. My parents first took my out there when I was about three years old. Later I cut my archaeological teeth in that region. Wrote a paper on the cultural material of the Waterloo Mining Camp, which was active at the same time as Calico. While Calico survives as a tourist point, the Waterloo Camp (about a mile away) has nearly vanished.
Thanks for the great before & after photos of Calico. Great documentation work.