Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa, Lacy preservation, airplanes, WWII & Olive

Thanks to all the great authors who came to the Orange County Historical Society's Authors Night yesterday evening! We were all introduced to some interesting people and interesting new local history books. And as you can see in these photos, Santa Claus also attended. He even led us in the flag salute. (That's right, Santa's an American! No toys for you, Kim Jong-il!) More photos from the evening are posted here.
Legal action by the Friends of the Lacy Historic Neighborhood has (at least temporarily) halted the demolition of 15 historic homes near the train station in Downtown Santa Ana. This should provide a stay of execution until at least May or June. Hopefully, the City and the preservationists can work together to find a better solution by then.
The Lyon Air Museum has finally opened across the runway from the John Wayne Airport. I got a tour of it last year, (when only a fraction of their displays were in place,) and it was already pretty amazing. If you have any interest in historic airplanes or WWII, it's a definite must-see.
Daralee Ota has added information about Barbara (Danker) Oldewage and Ernest Danker to her Olive Through The Ages website.

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ItsNotAPlace said...

Oh Wow! I gotta go check out that Lyon Air Museum! I am an WWII Airplane nut! Thank Chris!