Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roads, theme parks and the Lapu Lapu

Today's photo shows a County Road Department equipment auction in the 1940s. Notice how much of their old equipment was still horse-drawn! What a contrast to the booming center of modern development Orange County would soon become.
Ever wonder how the Royal Hawaiian restaurant in Laguna Beach (one of the last tiki/Polynesian-style places around) makes their famous Lapu Lapu? L.A. Times Magazine has now taken the mystery out of it.
If you enjoy the various theme park history blogs, here's another one to add to your line-up: "Main Gate Admission." (Thanks to Vintage Disneyland Tickets for pointing this out.)


Jerry said...

Oh man, years ago on a Friday night I drank a grand total of one fishbowl-sized concoction at Royal Hawaiian. Cheap booze + lots of sugar = two day hangover.

Anonymous said...

all that farm equipment can be seen at the Farm to Market in San Juan Capistrano. They are used as a display and are painted up in very vivid colors. A unique must-see O.C. landmark