Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Juan Capistrano, RSM, and O.C.'s railroads

Here's a photo of the second San Juan Capistrano Depot building, taken not long after its construction in 1894. You can see the Mission in the background. (Like all the photos on my blog, just click on the image to see a larger version.)
Rob Richardson's new book, Railroads and Depots of Orange County, is now available through Arcadia Publishing. Lots of great photos and information in there! (You may remember that Rob also provided some of the best photos in Arcadia's Santa Ana books.) I imagine I'll be posting more about this book later, but I wanted folks to know it was out. Not many books about O.C. railroad history have been written, and they sell out fast when they appear.
Also new from Arcadia is a rather unexpected history of Rancho Santa Margarita by Dr. Michael Moodian. It's a curious book, seeing as it encompasses the histories of two separate places called Rancho Santa Margarita (one quite old and one very new). It also includes some general history about the southerly portion of Orange County. Again, I'll probably post more about this book after I spend a bit more time with it. It's set to go on sale in a few days.

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