Monday, February 15, 2010

MCAS El Toro, Neutra, Eichler, Villa Sweden, etc.

Today's images come from a 1965 booklet about Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. The image above shows the base's landmark watertowers, and is posted at the request of Lee F., who misses them. Below is an image of the enlisted barracks.
Was Neutra's Mariners Medical Arts Building really saved after all? Read the Register's Arts Blog to see how the current owner is chipping away at the site's historical and architectural integrity.
An exhibit of 50 drawings of Eichler homes in Orange by Jeffrey Crussell will open Sat., Feb. 20th, 4-8pm and February 21, 4-8pm and will run through March 20th 2010. More information about times, location, and how to RSVP are available on Crussell's website.
I'm amazed that one of my earliest posts here at the Roundup is still among the most popular. Specifically, my post about Villa Sweden restaurants still gets long and enthusiastic responses -- both via email and in the comments section. Above all, people want to know the recipe for Villa Sweden's famous limpa bread. If you have that recipe tucked away somewhere, please share it! The masses have spoken and they want that bread!
The theme park blogs continue to share great old photos. Stuff From The Park has posted some cool snapshots of Knott's Berry Farm. And Vintage Disneyland Tickets has a nice two-part (one and two) post on Videopolis -- Disneyland's teen dance venue during the 1980s. Scroll down to the list of "Theme Park History Links" on the right-hand side of this page for even more interesting stuff.


Lee F. said...

Chris - got your email, and thanks for the pic of the water towers! My father was an enlisted Marine at El Toro in the mid 60's,and I have many fond memories. I also rode my bicycle from Irvine (Culver and I-5) to MCAS-El Toro in 1974 to see Richard Nixon when he came home after resigning. Thanks, again!

Anonymous said...

Another great post packed with info and memories. Thanks Chris!

Lee Morrison said...

Regarding your Villa Sweden note:

Your column of 9-29-2006 included a note from Carin Backlund Preslenik, daughter of Villa Sweden originators Oscar and Hurta Backlund, stating that her family still makes her father's limpa.

I've tried through Internet people searches to contact family members with no success. Carin is no longer living and I haven't been able to find her husband, Roger, nor her children.

Would you have some way to trace their existence and ask for the recipe? I think some areas of their Orange County residence have been Huntington Beach and Westminster, for instance.

Oh! You would make so many people happy if you could give us that
magical, inimitable limpa recipe!!!

...Good luck and God bless!

- Lee Morrison

Unknown said...

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