Monday, March 01, 2010

Fashion Island, Newport Beach

I did two posts about Fashion Island in Newport Beach a couple years ago (Part I, Part II), but here's another one. Why? Because I can't resist posting good photos when I run across them. The 1981 image above was probably taken from a plane leaving John Wayne Airport. It only seems like yesterday, but look how much open land was still left in the background. The photo below is from the 1970s and shows the old playground at the center of Fashion Island.
I was never quite sure what you were supposed to do with those spinning barrel-type things. But the twirling merry-go-round/tub-thing was fun to ride in when it worked. Often, sand got into the mechanism and kept it from spinning properly.
Somebody send me some good local history news, willya?


Hilary said...

Ok, you have totally made my week! That photo could have been me playing! I loved the spinning barrel thingies and am so incredibly glad to have found this pic - in addition to the others. What great memories these bring back of old school Fashion Island. THANK YOU!

SteveC. said...

Glad to find this pic. I remember Hilay's posts here about this old school version of the mall, too!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember this playground from my childhood, but have never seen a picture of it. So, this is the first time I've seen this since like 1980. Very cool. When did they tear this playground down?

Anonymous said...

Wow,that is so surreal to see that playground again, I spent so many happy hours here while my parents shopped back in the early !970's. It's sad to think that I cant even imagine leaving a child to play in the middle of a mall unsupervised now.