Thursday, March 04, 2010

San Juan Capistrano, 1959

Today's image is a 1959 aerial photo of San Juan Capistrano. The freeway and the cross-shaped walkways of the Mission should help you get your bearings. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


ItsNotAPlace said...

Oh this is crying out for me to make a modern day satellite image overlay! That is neat!

I was just down there this past weekend. We had a cycling group ride that started at the SJC train station.

EDGE4194 said...

Several things interesting about the photo: El Camino Real is marked as "Main St". The 1960 Renie Atlas shows it as El Camino Real, as does the 1943 map. I wonder if it was referred to as "Main St" at some point? The street marked "San Fernando" looks like it Mission St which is also shown on the 1960 map. Great aerial- thanks Chris.

ockid said...

The South Coast News (10-27-36) reports that the "Spanish Club of Capistrano" under the leadership of the ubiqutous Alfonso Yorba had secured permission to rename a number of the streets in town. Oriental Street was to become El Camino Real, and San Fernando was to changed to Mission Street. The article goes on to say that the club had secured the approval of the community, and County Superintendent of Highways Nat Neff, but perhaps the change-over took a little time.