Friday, March 12, 2010

Forest (again), citrus, bungalows, Placentia & H.B.

One more day of Cleveland National Forest photos. This time, the images are a bit more recent. The photo above was taken on the Main Divide in the Santa Ana Mountains in about 1960. The image below shows the San Juan Forestry Station, off the Ortega Highway, in July 1973.
The Preserving Citrus Heritage Foundation (a.k.a. Citrus Roots) is now shipping their latest book, which focuses on the history of Orange County's citrus industry. The soft-cover book, written by Richard H. Barker, has the most peculiar title I've run across in a long time: Citrus Powered the Economy of Orange County for Over A Half Century Induced By A Romance: A Illustrated, Compelling History. I have yet to see a copy, but Bob Chaparro writes that it "has abundant historical images, many of which are of packing houses and some of railroad scenes. Quite a bit of the text is devoted to the packing house associations as well..." Order forms can be downloaded from Citrus Roots' website.
Architect Richard Dodd will speak to the Costa Mesa Historical Society on the subject of "The Bungalow Era in Orange County," at 1870 Anaheim Ave., on March 21, 2:00pm.
Placentia's historic Bradford House (1902) at 136 Palm Circle will be open for tours on Sun., March 14, 2-4pm. The modified Queen Anne Victorian-style home is furnished in typical 1900-1920 style. Tours are given on the second Sunday of each month.
I'm sorry to report that California Greetings, which was probably the most interesting shop in Downtown Huntington Beach, is closing. Their last day will be April 30th. I mention them here because (like the late lamented Smith's Nut House in Orange,) they always carried a selection of local history books. Yes, they had Arcadia books, but they also carried a smattering of books that couldn't be found at Borders, B&N or Amazon. A good example is Ebb & Flow -- a Centennial history of Huntington Beach. Anyway, you might want to stop by and buy something while you still can.

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