Friday, March 28, 2008

WPA map, Capistrano, it's a small world & wildfires

Today's image is a map created for the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s. The map shows "Orange County adobes, old roads, trails, ranchos, springs, and other points of historical interest." I wish I knew where to find the original map so I could get a better quality scan. This version comes from a slide found among County Planning Dept records at the O.C. Archives. (Click on the map to see a MUCH larger version.)
Scenes depicted on the map include an Indian village, Portola's expedition, a stagecoach heading up El Camino Real, a bear hunt, Mission San Juan Capistrano, the wetlands at Bolsa Chica and Talbert Gap, McFadden's Wharf, and various adobes. The map also shows some of the cattle brands used by the ranchos.
For those of you following the recent it's a small world debacle, Mary Blair's family has now come out against the proposed changes to the attraction.
And for those following the story of the controversial rectory garden at Mission San Juan Capistrano, the Register has an update about that too.
The Register also posted an interactive database of 37 Orange County wildfires since 1958.


walterworld said...

Viva Rancho Los Alamitos!

An incredible map---

It reminds me of my visit this past December to the former home of Pio Pico, the last Spanish governor of Alta California.

Located in a recovering(?) section of Pico Rivera, and just a stone's throw from the 605 Freeway, this old hacienda is a nice place to contemplate the roots of our state and those who roamed here before.

Such a time and place was later romantically portrayed on the old ‘Zorro’ series, which was once featured prominently in the 90’s on The Disney Chanel’s much-missed Vault Disney program…

Thanks so much for the post---

itsnotaplace said...

That is a great map! I love maps, especially old maps. But you're right Chris, it does leave me wanting more... the resolution is just not quite enough to satisfy. If you ever find a higher resolution version of that map it would be wonderful to be able to see all the details!

EDGE4194 said...

Hi Chris- thanks for the photo of the map. I just wish I could make out the details as well! BTW- this is Eric that "map guy".

Amy said...

Hi Chris-
This is Amy, one of the Resource specialist over at Heritage Hill. I found this blog entry while researching a map in out buggy barn. We have the same map, but not in color. It seems original to me. Have you ever taken a look at it here?

Chris Jepsen said...

Amy: That rings a bell. We have the version sans color at the County Archives also. Unfortunately, someone carefully glued ours to a board (probably back in the 1930s), which is not exactly archival. But it makes a nice display item.