Monday, July 26, 2010

Irvine Park, cemetery book, tourist traps & Googie

Here's a postcard from Tom Pulley's collection, depicting Irvine Park (originally called Orange County Park) in the early 1920s. We spent some more time at Irvine Park this weekend and I may be posting more about its history soon.
Patty Boardman had just finished a small book for the Orange County Cemetery District entitled A Walk To Remember: Mini-biographies of Pioneers Buried in the Santa Ana Cemetery. It's available at Santa Ana and Anaheim Cemeteries and during tours at the historic Howe-Waffle House in Santa Ana. Only about 100 copies were printed, so move fast if you're interested. More information is available at
Stuff From The Park just posted some great material on the Palace of Living Art and the Japanese Village & Deer Park in Buena Park.
Ken at OutsideTheBerm has a great post about the Knott's-inspired Tinker Town in New Mexico. My pal Mike T. tipped me off to this cool roadside attraction years ago, but I've never had the chance to visit. Ken's virtual tour will have to do for now. (I'm particularly fond of the sign there that reads, "Yet there are souless men who would destroy what time and man will never build again.")
On a marginally-relevant note, I'm happy to see that I've been quoted in the same article with MODCOM's Chris Nichols in a Whittier Daily News article about preserving Googie architecture. Good company indeed.


Connie Moreno said...

Love that postcard!! Oh to be able to jump into the picture like Mary Poppins did! And I love cemetaries so thanks for the heads-up on that info, as well.

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