Monday, November 07, 2011

Newport Bay, Anaheim, and OCHS

Today's images show Newport Bay around 1910 and come from the Keech Family Collection at the Orange County Archives. The photo above is obviously Upper Newport Bay, but just look how pristine it is! And the image below shows the main channel and the Balboa Peninsula, with the Balboa Pavilion in the dead center. (Click on either image to see details.)
For some scenes of Newport Beach 40-some years later, see the recent Newport post at Viewliner Ltd.

Interesting news from Anaheim: Restoration work is being done on the old Sunkist packing house near what's left of downtown. See the Anaheim Historical Society's blog for photos and more.

Heads up to Orange County Historical Society members: There's a new Flickr group set up where you can submit your photos of OCHS events and activities. Join and share! I can't wait to see what people post after the first OCHS History Hike! (And in case you were wondering, OCHS does indeed have its own Flickr account also.)


Sapere Aude Media said...

Amazing.. beautiful.

Nissan Orange County said...

Interesting to see how pristine the areas looked around OC before most of it was developed. From what I hear it was almost all rural a hundred years ago.

Chris Jepsen said...

Orange County was mostly rural as recently as the 1950s.

Unknown said...

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