Friday, March 02, 2018

The Islands of Knott's

Ride concept based on input by Bud Hurlbut.
On my other blog, Tiki Lagoon, I've just posted a two-part article about Knott's Berry Farm's attempts at cashing in on the South Seas/Tiki craze. Proposed elements included an elaborate South Seas Island Boat Ride, which was never realized, and Jungle Island, which would later open with a very different look than originally planned. Part one of the article is posted here. And part two is posted here. If you're interested, go take a look!
The entrance to Jungle Island, circa 1964. Photo courtesy O.C. Archives.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Chris. Having lived in OC in the 60s, the family would go over to Knott's but just about all the time we stayed on the west side of Beach Blvd. KS