Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Sens Market/Orange Lock & Key update

It sounds like most of Downtown Orange and City Hall is now involved or at least alerted to the situation at Orange Lock & Key -- A situation which has now taken several more twists and turns...
Before the paint-scraping could be stopped today, two more signs were revealed beneath the "Sens Market" sign. First, they came to a sign that simply read, "Grocery." But under the "Grocery" sign they found yet another sign that read "H.G. Lembcke & Son." (I'll post a photo of that sign here soon.)
I'm going to guess that "H.G. Lembcke" may be Hermann Gustav John Lembcke (1861-1948). But I will post more solid information about the Lembckes and the building if and when it comes my way. (The photo above shows the building in about 1927.)
Unfortunately, the work crews weren't too gentle or careful about removing the Sens sign, and they even used paint remover -- So let's hope the signs underneath aren't too badly damaged.
Many thanks to the lovely and resourceful Katie Schroeder, who spotted what was going on, took photos, and reported to both the historical community and to City authorities. If anything is preserved at this location, it will be because of Katie. Had she not acted, there would only be bare brick remaining by now -- And Orange would be the poorer for it.

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colony rabble said...

Katie rocks! We love that girl. Even when she is not saving old stuff, but especially when she is!