Sunday, January 27, 2008

Milford Zornes, Port Theater, Bowers & Orange

Yesterday was the 100th birthday of the last of the original great California School watercolor painters: Milford Zornes. He celebrated by doing a demonstration before a live audience -- creating a scene (from memory) of the Laguna Beach coastline. In fact, Zornes taught his craft in what amounted to a two hour workshop before the paints were finally put away and the birthday cake was brought out. In the first photo (top) Zornes paints and describes the spot just below the bluffs adjacent to the Laguna Art Museum. The second photo shows (L to R) me, Zornes, and noted artist Henry Fukahara. (Many thanks to the Schroeders for bringing me along on this adventure!)
It looks like Newport Beach's once-doomed Port Theater has been spared, thanks to public outcry. Read about it in the Register.
The Register also features an update on the post-raid situation at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.
The History Center at Orange Public Library hasn’t yet replaced Rosemarie Williams, who retired at the end of December. Consequently, they have been forced to reduce their hours. For current hours, please see their website.

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ItsNotAPlace said...

Great story and photos!

Happy 100th to Milford Zornes! It is wonderful that he can continue to enjoy his craft on his centennial!