Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fullerton Market Basket, mystery ball & Wes Clark

Today's image shows the Market Basket grocery store at Commonwealth and Nicholas Ave in Fullerton, around 1957. I had trouble identifying the location. Can you figure out why I had trouble finding Nicholas Ave in Fullerton? In any case, you can see that the big basket-weave sign is being painted.
I'm still confused about the big silver sphere in the background ( just above the green car's trunk). Is it a radar unit for a Nike Missile installation, (as I first guessed,) is it a fuel tank, (as Phil suggests,) or is it something else entirely? It doesn't appear in aerial photos of the area from 1955 or 1959. A very similar tank appears in the 1955 aerial, but it's probably half a mile farther away, near the railroad tracks.
While only featuring O.C. peripherally, anyone who grew up in 1960/70s Southern California can enjoy Wes Clark's "Avocado Memories" website. Mr. Clark thoroughly documents his childhood in suburbia, and takes us all along for a trip back through time.
I stumbled across an online tutorial on "Deciphering Old Handwriting" by Sabina Murray. Perhaps some of you will find this useful or at least interesting.


outsidetheberm said...

Not sure about your mystery orb, but the close proximity to Fullerton Airport might suggest a radar unit. Was the airport there in those days?
What's more fun is that 'Watch this signal' sign on the red traffic light. That must have been one very confusing intersection!

Jay Jennings said...

Hi Chris,
Jay Jennings here. Thought I'd let you know about my new blog, "The Knott's Berry Farm Museum", over 70 years of Knott's memorabilia. I've added you as a blog link. Feel free to add mine if you'd like. Check back frequently, as I'm adding new photos all the time. Best wishes, Jay(http://knottsberryfarm.blogspot.com)

Bulldog 24 said...

Having worked summers at that Market Basket I seem to remember there being a Propane Co plant behind that yellow sign Gas station tire shop off of Williamson Ave. Williamson ran on the south side of the market. Williamson Ave was a light industrial area. Nicholas Ave was named after the family who owned a large tact of land south of the market towards Orangethorpe Ave.

walterworld said...

Just found your blog and I'm very glad I did.

I spend a portion of each of my trips to Disneyland (the afternoons mostly) driving around Orange County trying to find and photograph the older buildings that still remain.

How about some then-and-now shots?

Keep up the good work and THANKS!

Chris Jepsen said...

bulldog 24: Wow! Talk about a speedy answer! Thanks for the information. Are you a regular reader, or did you just stumble across this photo of your former workplace at random?

walterworld: Thanks and welcome. I think you'll enjoy Thursday's post.

Unknown said...

You probably had trouble with the location because Nicolas Ave., is now Euclid St. That location is now a U-Haul.