Monday, January 07, 2008

Magic Lamp, O.C. history classes, & SoCal maps

Today's images show the Magic Lamp Motel, across from Disneyland, at 1030 W. Katella Ave. It was just one of the innumerable colorful Anaheim businesses which, in the 1990s, fell victim to "the beiging of America." Whatever stands in its place today is utterly un-noticable and un-memorable. A 20-foot tall glowing genie, on the other hand, was very memorable.
Once again, Diane Ryan is offering her History of Orange County class through Coastline Community College. She writes, "Come learn about Orange County history, including such topics as the early occupants of this territory, Spanish and Mexican influences, and the development of some of our cities. There will be some new topics and fieldtrips for those who have already taken it."
This class will be offered at two locations:

1) Oasis Senior Center, Corona del Mar, Thu. 1:30-3:30pm, Jan 31 to May 8 (SocS 400, 91677)

2) Leisure World, Seal Beach, Tue. 1:30-3:30, from Jan 29 to May 6 (SocS 400, 91848)

For more information on these classes and/or how to register, email the instructor at or leave a message at (714) 546-7600 ex. 11468. Too bad the classes are on weekdays, or I'd sign up myself.
The Library of Congress/Ira Gershwin Gallery now features an exhibit of historical maps of Los Angeles. Why does this concern us? Because some of the maps feature all or much of Southern California -- not just L.A. The Ira Gerhwin gallery is housed in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A., but you can see many of the featured maps in digital form online.


ItsNotAPlace said...

That map site is neat. Did you see the perspective of southern California map made by the Auto Club Of So Cal map in 1915? (includes Ventura, Santa Barabara, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside areas)

First on on this page:

very cool how it shows all the towns separated by OPEN SPACE without the city all built up between them!

Anonymous said...

More Magic Lamp claims to fame....I heard through the grapevine that the Magic Lamp and its twin sister, the Magic Carpet, would rent rooms to youngsters for kegger parties, no i.d. required. Of course I only heard this second hand from the bad kids at school, I caught wisps of conversation while I was studying for honors exams between classes.

Amanda H said...

Hi Colony - not that I am aware when I worked there ( mostly at the Carpet) June- Nov 1983 in reception & back office. I'm from & am living in New Zealand & fondly remember my time & the people there.

Najinca Nalin said...

You’ve made some good points there. it’s a good idea.

Unknown said...

My mum took us to disneyland and we stayed at the Magic Lamp for 2 nights. This was back in 1982. I wanted to visit it again next year 2021 but after doing research found it had closed down :-(