Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Huntington Beach, OCMAHS calendars, Tustin, etc

Today's "before and after" photos were taken near the base of the Huntington Beach Pier. In the distance, you can see the intersection of Main St. and Pacific Coast Highway (formerly known in H.B. as Ocean Ave.) The first photo was taken around 1910 and prominently displays a special "Huntington Beach Excursion" car on the Pacific Electric line. I took the second photo in 2007, and tried to match the angle as best I could.
As you can see, very little remains of the 1910 landscape. However, you can still see a corner of the old Huntington Beach Co. office building (circa 1905) on the left edge of the frame. Today, its most prominent tenant is El Don Liquor. This building also once served as the City's first movie theater.
Tuesday's Register included a feature on the O.C. Mexican American Historical Society's annual calendar. These are always pretty cool.
Also in the news, a 1915 garage in Old Town Tustin has found a new life as a BBQ restaurant. Three cheers for adaptive reuse!

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walterworld said...

Nice work---

Then-And-Now pics are pretty tough when little remains from before.

Thanks for another dose of history from the Southland...!