Saturday, January 19, 2008

Santa Ana, Knotts' house, Dana Point, tile, etc.

Here's another set of "before and after" photos -- This time of the northwest corner of Broadway and Santa Ana Blvd, in Santa Ana. The 1925 photo shows the First Christian Church, while the modern photo shows the Orange County Hall of Administration. The County Supervisors have their offices on the fifth floor of this building.

Want to go backstage at Knott's Berry Farm to see what remains of the old Knott family home? Apparently, an employee posted some footage of the building's exterior on YouTube. He also posted video of the interior, which is now an employee break room. Unfortunately, this movie wasn't shot to show us the interior -- it was shot to show us two knucklehead teenagers goofing around. Oh well.
The City of Dana Point's Planning Commission recently approved two more homes for inclusion on the City's Historic Local Register. It's estimated that 75 buildings in town are eligible for the register, but only 21 are currently listed. Of those 21, about 16 have been approved for (or are awaiting approval for) inclusion in the Mills Act property tax abatement program.
The Dana Point Historical Society's annual meeting will be held Jan. 23, 7pm, at the Dana Point Tennis Center, 24911 Calle De Tenis. Brian Kaiser will present a slideshow and talk about vintage ceramic tile in California homes. He will discuss such tile manufacturers as Calco, Malibu Potteries, and tilemaker Rufus B. Keeler. For more information about the meeting, send email or call (949) 248-8121.


colony rabble said...

Sigh. I much prefer the "before" picture. But then I am having a nostaligc day. Cleaning out storage, lots of old photos. No old Knott's stuff yet, but I did find an extra Carl Karcher gift card from my best next door neighbor. No prayer card with it so the Ebay value is diminished, (nobody ever sells them or uses them) but my fave mid-century historian can have it for his presonal collection.

Chris Jepsen said...

Well shucks... That's mighty kind of you, ma'am.

I thought all the gift cards had a prayer card on the obverse side.

Good luck with the cleaning.

marla said...

look on for old dana point laguna beach photos

Anonymous said...

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