Thursday, March 20, 2008

Olinda Oil Museum

This morning, the Olinda Oil Museum & Trail in Brea became the 50th location to be designated a historic site by the O.C. Historical Commission. Those attending the event included County Supervisors Campbell and Moorlach, State Parks representatives, volunteer docents, the Brea City Council, the Olinda Oil Museum & Trail Task Force, and members of the O.C. Historical Commission. On the left side of the group are Commissioners Paul R. Simons (Chair), and Pamela Harrell. Watching from the front row is Commissioner Esther Cramer and her husband, Stan. Quoth the press release:
"Olinda was once a booming little village that grew to about 3,000 by the turn of the century. Oil production eventually slowed and much of the acreage was turned into citrus groves and subsequently, in the present day, to housing. However, preservation of a 12-acre parcel under a partnership between the City of Brea and California State Parks led to creation of a small museum that continues to collect artifacts representing the life and work of local pioneers. A unique natural heritage is also appreciated with a two-mile hiking trail into the hills."
My Olinda correspondent tells me that the most glaring absence at the dedication event "was that of John Cooper, who recently died after suffering a heart attack in September. A committed and driving member of the [Olinda Oil Museum & Trail] Task Force, he had contributed his time and expertise to the museum and trail since the Task Force was created in 2002."
The park is open Wed. and weekends, 9am-4pm, and the field office is open Wed., 10am-2pm. To schedule a group tour, contact Sean Matlock at (714) 671-4447.

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Chris Jepsen said...

A quick addendum re the photo: The guy standing in the center of the photo with the sun glasses is the mayor of Brea, Don Schweitzer. Behind him (with the beard), Councilman Marty Simonoff. Between Don and Marty, Councilman Ron Garcia. I *think* the guy between Don and Pamela is Mayor Pro Tem John Beauman.