Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sam's Seafood and Ken Avey

We just thought Sam's Seafood -- the last authentic 1960s tiki-themed establishment in O.C. -- was saved from the bulldozer. Perhaps not. The landlords held a meeting last night to discuss replacing this Sunset Beach icon with generic retail spaces and condos!
Chris Garland of TikiCentral went to the meeting and reported back. His entire post is worth reading, but here are a few snippets:

"About 25 people showed to the 'informal' meeting held by the owner of the land Sam's sits on... I think the coup de gras came when I asked if they had contingency plans if the Sam's building became a designated landmark. The partner looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language! His 'deer in the headlights' look showed everyone that ...they had not considered this a potential obstacle!

"...If the [restaurant] owners hooked up with some historical society members and some tiki freaks, they could (and should) pursue the idea of turning the Sam's building into an historical landmark. The current managing partner of Sam's seems wiling to do what it takes to make the restaurant become successful again. ...I'll keep optimistic about the immediate future of the last remaining tiki temple in the O.C."

Many of you know Sharon Avey from her many years at the Old Orange County Courthouse Museum, her book, or her many other historical projects and activities. Sadly, Sharon's husband, Ken Avey, passed away recently. The funeral will be held on Saturday the 15th, in Independence, California. However, there will also be a memorial held locally on Sunday, March 30, 2pm at Key Ranch in Placentia.
My personal thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's post -- in the comments section, via email, and in person. Your moral support is definitely appreciated. I'll write more when I know more.


Anonymous said...

My favorite memories of Sam's is going there for H.S. prom and being served by a waitress with a big boufont hairdo and an attitude like Flo at Mel's diner. She must have been there since the 1940's (and this was in the mid 1980's).

Also, it was a doulble date. My buddy was telling a funny story and flailed his arm against some of the bamboo/straw that was on the walls and a bunch of very dead cockroaches dropped out from behind the bamboo. Our dates freaked out, but I said "no, that's good because it means they fumigate - you don't want to eat in a place where the LIVE ones fall out."

Also, my dad said that all the Long Beach mobsters used to meet at Sam's as late as the early 1970's. Probably just a tale, but I always remember him saying that everytime we drove by the place.

walterworld said...

My only Sam's experience was in 2005, when I was driving past and stopped to take a picture of the place.

I was a little behind in time and needed to get back to the Anaheim area, so I didn't pause for a closer inspection of the lounge....wish I had!

I sure hope it can be saved...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

San's died because of one thing. Horrible food. Last time we were there was in 95 or 96 and have never been back. Dried swoedfish and not all the way cooked rice goes a long way to killing a business, tiki or not.

Unknown said...

I was just looking at a pic that my mother gave to me. It is the four of us at Sam's Seafood in July 1963 it's my Mother, Father, my older Brother and myself at 4 mo's old. It's great to see myself as a baby having dinner out with my mom and dad on thier 9th anniversary. It's to cool there is a match book that came with the pictures that is a post card of the four of us and the match book just has a pic of 4 mo old me. Wow I wish I could have had some of the great food back then. But it was just baby food and milk from mom that night. Well that is my thought on Sam's Seafood.

Brad said...

My first memories of this restaurant were in about 1960 when my dad and grandfather brought me here. They were regular, locals. I always had swordfish!