Thursday, March 06, 2008

The 1938 Flood (Part 3), Disneyland, Eichler, etc.

Okay, here's another 1938 flood photo, since everyone seems interested. This image of Atwood is a clipping from the Register. Click on the image to read the caption and see more detail.
We knew the classic 1964 "it's a small world" ride at Disneyland had temporarily closed for renovation. We didn't know Disney was changing the content of the ride. Mary Blair's impressively-designed rainforest will be replaced with a cheesy-looking "tribute to America," and Disney cartoon characters will be added throughout the attraction. In doing this, they are not only defacing a work of art -- They are also exchanging the ride's themes of world peace, whimsy and childhood innocence for yet another crass marketing tool. The Re-Imagineering blog has a wonderful opinion piece about the changes.
There's been a lot of flap over the attempt to build a big out-of-place monstrosity in one of the Eichler tracts in Orange. One of the solutions being suggested is to make these tracts historic districts. That's not such a crazy idea.
The Register's recent article about the O.C. Agricultural & Nikkei Heritage Museum's new exhibit begins with the headline, "Exhibit recalls why it's called 'Orange' County." This incorrectly implies that we were named for our citrus industry. But there wasn't a single orange grove in the area when we adopted that name. See this PDF from the O.C. Archives for the real story.


Anonymous said...

The Eichler Tracts would absolutely qualify as National Register Historic Districts. They have done so in Northern California already. Granting historic designation would allow the property owners access to Mills Act tax reduction benefits, which encourages property owners to maintain the existing architectural style, while allowing compatible modifications and additions. A win-win. Much easier to tell someone that if they preserve the house we will give them a huge financial spiff than simply forcing them to toe the line through draconian Code measures. Friendlier too.

Anonymous said...

Tribute to America?
Or is this gonna be some giant Support the Troops scene?
Typical Disney.

Chris Jepsen said...

Don't get me wrong. If Disney wants to do pro-American or Support Our Troops stuff, I'd be fine with that. (I know I always kinda welled up during the patriotic tribute portion of the old fireworks show.) I just don't want them screwing up a beloved classic in the process. You can add one good thing without destroying another.