Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange Drive-In, Rob Selway, OTPA, etc.

On this day in 1955, Rev. Robert Schuller preached his first sermon in O.C. from the roof of a snackbar at the Orange Drive-In Theatre. This place was Orange County's first drive-in theater when it opened in June 1941. The photo above was taken in 1946.
Rob Selway is retiring from his long-term gig as head of Historical Parks & Programs for Orange County's Harbors, Beaches & Parks Dept. The rumor of Rob's impending retirement circulates every so often. (One HBP employee said, "It's had more performances than South Pacific"). But this time, the rumor has been confirmed. Congratulations, Rob.
Nominations for the Old Towne Preservation Association's annual Preservation Awards are due April 10th. Individuals or groups can be nominated for their restoration efforts in the community. For more information, visit OTPA's website.
For the record, I just noticed that you can still purchase windows salvaged from the poor old Reuben E. Lee. I only wish I had some use for them.

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Anonymous said...

So how do I apply for Rob's job? Oh wait, there isn't enough Tylenol and Maalox to make me do that! Congrats on getting out Rob!

See you at OTPA? We can sit together...