Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ranchos, cogstones, Bowers, Capistrano, etc.

This map is less detailed than the one I posted yesterday, but it's also more legible. This stylized map is from the 1950s and shows (roughly) the old rancho boundaries. Note that the modern community names on this map include Talbert (instead of Fountain Valley), and El Modeno (instead of El Modena). Also note how few communities appear at all in southern Orange County.
The Bowers Museum has featured a few posts relating to local history recently. Their "Objects of the Week" have included a statue from Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Yorba family, an 1897 painting of a Mission confirmation class, a handful O.C.'s mysterious cogstones, and a photo of Charles and Ada Bowers at their Santa Ana home.

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