Saturday, May 03, 2008

Orange County street name changes

This is a view looking north on Los Angeles St (now Anaheim Blvd) in Downtown Anaheim, around 1900. Notice the lack of paving.
Today's post rounds out our series on changing Orange County street names. I'm sure it won't be the last you'll hear on the topic, but the bulk of the information is either here or is linked from here. So, for your reference and amusement, here's another list:
  • Alameda (Orange) is now Hewes St.
  • Bay Blvd (Seal Beach) is now Seal Beach Blvd.
  • Brea Canyon Rd (Fullerton) is now Brea Blvd.
  • Bryant (Garden Grove) is now Orangewood Ave.
  • Cypress Ave. is now State College Blvd.
  • Hansen is now Knott
  • Hiatt (La Habra), Nicolas (Fullerton), and Verano are now Euclid Ave.
  • Huntington (Garden Grove) is now Nelson St.
  • Miller (Buena Park) is now Valley View St.
  • Oak St (Westminster) is now Hoover St.
  • Old Newport Rd., Berrydale and Greenville St are now Fairview St.
  • Palisades Rd. is now Bristol St.
  • Pioneer (east of State College) is now Yorba Linda Blvd.
  • South Main Extension is now MacArthur Blvd.
  • Sugar St and (the old) Fairview St are now McFadden Ave.
  • Taylor is now Lakeview Ave (south of Orangethorpe)
  • Villa Park Rd and Vista (in the City of Orange) are now Katella Ave.
Previous street-name-change entries on the O.C. History Roundup:


EDGE4194 said...

Chris I just discovered your link to the Historical Aerial photos. It is such a cool site! (now the rest of my day is shot...)

Kelson said...

A couple of changes in Tustin: Laguna is now the middle stretch of El Camino Real (between Newport and Browning). And Moulton is now Edinger. I'm not sure where the dividing line was; I think it was Edinger on both sides of Red Hill, but changed to Moulton along the section that bordered MCAS Tustin, or possibly between Jamboree and Harvard.

Both of those changes happened sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s. I remember the first time I took Irvine Center Drive far enough south that it became Moulton Parkway, I had one of those "it all makes sense now!" moments explaining the one block with the other name.

I'd guess that it used to be Moulton all the way from the Laguna Hills area up until it became Edinger, and Irvine decided to rename the section that passed through the city. Any idea whether this is the case?

itsnotaplace said...

I think that State College Blvd (or at least part of it) used to be called PLACENTIA (south of where Placentia currently merges into State College in Anaheim. Can anyone confirm that?

Mistress Babs said...

How about some street name changes in Garden Grove? Here are a few I've learned of in my 30+ years living there:
Garden Grove Blvd was Ocean Avenue
Chapman Ave was Stearns st.
Main St. was Grove (for about 2 blocks!)
Brookhurst south of GG Blvd was Wright Street.

Stephanie said...

Villa Park Road is now Katella?

Last I checked, Villa Park Road (or at least a part of it) is still identified as such between Wanda and [approx] Cannon before it turns into Santiago Canyon eastbound. Cannon (between Via Escola and Santiago Canyon), which acts as the eastern boundary of Villa Park, was known as Loma until just a few years ago.

Chris Jepsen said...

Thanks for the additional name changes, everyone!

Steph: You're right. Villa Park Rd. is still Villa Park Rd from Wanda to Hewes St. It looks like the name changing was all done within Orange city limits.

Kelson said...

And Villa Park Rd. actually intersects with Park Villa Lane!

FV Tom said...

Magnolia, at least in the FV/HB area, was known as Cannery (Do I need to say that there was a cannery somewhere in the area? Can't confirm, but that's the story I heard growing up.)

Chris Jepsen said...

Yes, the vegetable cannery that Cannery St was named for was located roughly on the site of St. Simon & Jude church near the current intersection of Magnolia and Indianapolis.

DJ Gummo said...

Euclid Street, in Garden Grove was called the Euclid. Before that it was known as Anaheim Rd, being the only route to Anaheim. Our Main Street was named by Vern Martin, at a Downtown Businees Assiociation meeting, after Euclid was redirected Eastwards, by the creation of our Village Green Park. There was talk of naming our Main St as Little Euclid. Vern is still with us and is an active member of the Garden Grove Historic Society and our oldest social club, the Auld Lang Synes Club.

DJ Gummo said...

Oh my goodness, sorry for the typos